Alps and Edelweiss

September 6, 2013


Sorry a little behind on posting, we had a really slow connection at the last hotel.  Great place to get away.

We slipped out of Munich today and headed down to the Alps.  It was a great drive and when we got to the hotel Edelweiss, which I know was nice, we were just blown away.  What a great hotel room, in Berchtesgarden.

IMG_6560 IMG_6561 IMG_6562 IMG_6563 IMG_6564 IMG_6565

Photos from Hotel

IMG_6779 IMG_6778 IMG_6776IMG_6781 IMG_6783 IMG_6786 IMG_6787 IMG_6789 IMG_6790 IMG_6791 IMG_6796

After getting checked in we did a little walking around town, before a great dinner.

IMG_6572 IMG_6571 IMG_6569 IMG_6796

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One thought on “Alps and Edelweiss

  1. Glenda greene

    Hotel is a dream… And the Alps too! I loved that trip when we went. However we stayed at
    Frau Cornmuller’s Guest House. Breakfast included if you liked brochen one soft boiled eggs.

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